♠️|Multimedia Artist. Game Developer.
♠️|Ambitious creator of @ProjectFurria.

Funnily enough. There's like, missing info here. Don't mind that for now.

Frequently Asked Questions

- For art permission related questions, check the Art Permissions Section
- For commission related questions, check the Commissions & Terms of Service

Q: Do you have a main gallery for your art?A: No, but I mainly post in Twitter though under #KaieraArt.
- I do have a deviantArt, FurAffinity, InkBunny and Pixiv account.
- Back then I was more active in InkBunny due to it's features being way better than FurAffinity's and Pixiv is just limiting with it's features without premium. Inkbunny has this bad stigma around adult works.
- The quality of art in deviantArt is intentionally always worse since I do not trust them with my art.
- As of now, I don't have a stable place to place my works other than Twitter due to it's ease of use.
- My art is always posted on Patreon on full quality with a delayed release! You have early access to it as a patron!
- As for other places, it's more related to my Art Permissions Section

Q: Do you have a character reference?A: Right over here in one tweet thread! ( )
I have three of them that are active, so if you want a specific one, here you go:

Q: Are you okay with fan art?A: Yes! This includes my representative (sonas) and original characters. (OCs)- Appreciated if you don't ship my represenatative character with others.
It's weird and creepy because you're shipping a character that completely represents someone in real life.
- If you're doing 🔞 NSFW... please keep it to yourself and never publish it.
If you really have to, you are free to tell and/or show me. I'm old enough to be okay with it, but I don't want NSFW of me or my characters around the internet. I am aware that there will be NSFW regardless, but if you read this you know that I didn't allow that.

Q: Do you do 🔞 NSFW content? (Not Safe For Work)A: No! If I ever did, not publicly. I do not have an "After Dark" account either.

Q: When do you stream?A: As of the moment, at random! But mostly on Thursdays, Fridays and the weekend. I want to have a consistent schedule, but I'm not sure about the content.
- I suggest following me on Twitter and/or Picarto to get notified!
- I do always announce them on Twitter under the hashtag #KaieraStreams
- I also announce them on KaieraCafé (Discord), and you can be mentioned with a role from it. You can do so by typing in -tunein in the server once you're fully inside the server.

Q: What music do you play in stream?A: Most of the time it will be the music I listen on Spotify. The ones I like are placed on my playlist on Spotify. Other times it would either local music stored on my PC and/or music that is found on YouTube.- You are always free to ask what music is playing on my stream via stream chat, and I'll always answer provided I'm not too busy.

Q: How do I confirm that you have an official account in X?A: I have a surefire way, actually!
- My accounts are always tied to my main website should they have web access. (
- You can check if I have an account by typing the name of the website after the URL.
- I should redirect to the account on said website, otherwise it would redirect to this website!
Here are a few examples:

Other sites I will confirm are:
🎨 Pixiv 📷 Instagram 📹 Twitch 🎧 Bandcamp 🎧 Spotify 🎮 FFXIV
(I'm not listing them all! Try them out yourself~)

Q: Why fiaKaiera? (aka "Why can't I call you Fia?")A: It's a combination of my name (Kaiera) and my multimedia series (Furria).
The Fia part is actually a short-term for Furria.
- Also, call me Kaiera, not Fia.
(Please take the hint. It's in most of my social media displayed as Kaiera.)
Q: Why not KaieraFia then?A: Kaiera Fia sounds like Sans Undertale. It's highly cringy and it sounds really stupid to me.

Art Permissions

All art made by fiaKaiera is always © by fiaKaiera regardless where it is hosted.
It will be CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 by default if it's not specified on the site where the artwork is hosted.

Q: Can I use fiaKaiera's art as my profile picture?A: Yes! BUT NOT
- My yellow cat character (Kaiera) because it is representative of me
- My Emolga / Espeon character for the same reason
- Art intended for others, such as gifts, trades, commissions, and patreon rewards, as it's theirs. (Unless they allow it, I'll allow it!)

Q: Can I use fiaKaiera's art for something else?A: 🛑 STOP! You are not authorized to use my artwork!That goes commercially or non-profit. I won't allow it.
If you need to, talk to me about it if you want permission.

Q: Can you repost art of fiaKaiera on other sites?A: Yes, you can!... BUT

- You have to ask first. (a.k.a. you are not allowed to repost without permission)
Common courtesy. You're kinda rude if you don't.
If I was not asked, I will consider it stolen.
- It has to be original art only, not a commission or a patreon reward.
...because it's owned by them, ask them for permission, not me. If they allow it, I'll allow it!
- You have to credit fiaKaiera.
Have in the description that says "this is made by fiaKaiera". If the site allows author tags, tag fiaKaiera.
- Link back to the original art source.
So they would know where to find me and where it came from. If you don't I will consider it stolen.
- Notify me, please.. if you can.
This will give me solace and not randomly find it somewhere where I don't allow it.*

Q: Are there exceptions for this?A: There are some banned places where I don't allow my art. This includes Pinterest, Facebook and any place where you cannot link back to my work.- Patron-exclusive content is in no way allowed to be reposted except by fiaKaiera and individuals who fiaKaiera trusts.- If it was a commission, gift or patron reward, it will all depend on the owner of the work. I will reflect their wishes, so if they allow it to be there, I am also okay with it!

Commissions & Terms of Service

Q: Are you open for commissions?A: Depends! Here are a few ways to check them:
- Twitter with the hashtag #KaieraComms
- Always announced on KaieraCafé! (Discord)
- There's always priority if you're a patron on Patreon
Q: Do you have samples of your work?A: Here's some of them in a nice orderly fashion!

Q: What are your prices?A: Here is my list of prices. Right now it's outdated, so the base price is now $40.Q: Is there a queue?A: Yes. It's over on Trello.Q: Do you do free art "commissions"? (mainly known as Requests)A: No. Even if you are offering exposure.
Even if I gain exposure, me doing free art upon request will not feed me.
I do paid commissions in order for me to be online in the first place so I could post my art, feed me and improve my equipment to be better at my craft. Exposure does none of that other than being known.

Artistic Advantages

Can DoCan TryWill Not Do
Anthro / KemonoHumans (mostly chibi)NSFW / Fetish Art
Feral CharactersSceneryHate Art / Propaganda
Males & Females (all age)Armor & WeaponsCanon X OC Shipping
Chibi / Alternative StylesMagical FlairPedophilia
Designing from ScratchMusclesRealism

Contact me if you have any questions of what I'd be able to draw!

Terms of Service

🤝 Agreement
- A form of reference is required. This could be images, character reference, or a detailed description of the characters to draw for a description.
- Please be consice with your commission! Try to remember all the details before asking for one.
- I have the ability to decline your offer. The reason will be explained if asked. If you complain, you will be blacklisted from commissioning.
👛 Payment Process
- I can only accept payments through PayPal. However due to the nature of invoices, it is possible to also to pay via card through their system. (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover)
- I do invoices! That means you're not giving me an e-mail. I will be sending you a link for payment.
- Payment via ko-fi is allowed, but I must be notified about it, otherwise it will be considered as a donation.
- You may do partial payment or hold off on paying, but you will never get the final product until it's fully paid.
💵 Alternative Payment
- Contact me for Art Trades. (art for art or something else)
- If you want to hire me as an artist, please contact me personally for contract work.
🎨 Progress
- I can give you a sketch to get the general idea before you pay. I usually do. It will have anti-tamper measurements in place.
- Should you publish the sketch and not pay for it, it will be considered a scam, and you will be blacklisted among other artists acquainted to me. (You may share it with friends, though! Just not publicly.)
- I may give you progress updates on the commission. You can also contact me for progress updates. I will be truthful about it, even if I have not started work on it yet.
- You are free to give feedback, give corrections and changes to the commission during the progress of the commission as long as it is not too late to make major changes.
- I will contact you should I not be able to do as requested. Either a refund or changes to the commission will be asked upon doing so.
Updates & Refunds
- If we have agreed on a commission and have not paid, you may contact me about it.
- A refund is possible if I haven't started on work on your commission yet.
- You may also get a refund if I am unable to finish your work after two weeks, provided I have not made major progress on it. Otherwise, I will prioritize on finishing your work.
🖼 Publishing / Editing / Posting Art Online
- Please tell me if you don't want the art to be public!
- Once you've received your commission, you are free to do as you wish with it! (Repost, edit, etc.)
- Credit is always appreciated!
- DO NOT remove the signature. You can ask for it to be removed, but you are not allowed to post it online.
🐦 Twitter Specific
- Tell me if you want to post it yourself on Twitter. I prefer to publish it myself over time, so please tell me and I'll prioritize!
- I will be telling you if I won't post it myself.
📺 Commercial Use
- The art you recieve on commissions is only for Personal Use.
- If you want to use it commercially, please contact me about using artwork for commercial use.

Terms & Conditions for Invoices

Invoices given by fiaKaiera has been sent through accepted agreements that the buyer knows what they are requesting and must promise to abide by them.The items being paid are digital files and nothing will be printed or mailed to the buyer. If the buyer is underage and has been given this invoice, they have their parent's consent to purchase these digital files.The invoice paid can be refunded or canceled as long as the commission has not yet started and/or completed.

Art Samples

Most of the following pieces of artwork are available on Twitter under the hashtag #KaieraArt!

Personal Work

Commission Work

Sketch Pages

Art for @ProjectFurria