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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 30 Oct 2022

----------------------------------------------------------Q: Gallery?
**A: **I mainly post through Twitter, using [ 💛KaieraArt ].
⦁ It's not a hashtag for SEO visibility reasons
⦁ I have Itaku, Pixiv, DeviantArt, InkBunny, and FurAffinity.
- ⦁ Quality on DeviantArt is intentionally always worse due to non-trust.
- ⦁ It's mainly through Twitter because of Ease of Use.
⦁ Patrons of my ko-fi get them earlier!

----------------------------------------------------------Q: Character reference?
**A: **Always updated at!
( Alternatively, you can click the picture of Kaiera to check the reference without going here )
⦁ Older references are available below.
⦁ Previous versions are available under the hashtag #KaieraRef20XX, with 20XX replaced with the current year.

Catsq / Typyl

Cat Kaiera
(discontinued 2020)

Animator Friendly
(discontinued 2020)



----------------------------------------------------------Q: Fan art?
**A: **Yes! This includes my representative character (sonas) and other original characters (OCs)!
Don't ship my representative character with others.
- It's weird and creepy because you're shipping a character that ultimately represents someone in real life.
🔞NSFW is OK!... but-
- Please use @QatierAD for mentions.
----------------------------------------------------------Q: 🔞NSFW?
**A: ** No. Not publicly.
⦁ I have an "after dark" account, but I don't draw NSFW publicly.
⦁ It's not on Ko-fi and/or Patreon either.
----------------------------------------------------------Q: Stream times?
**A: ** At random…
⦁ Follow me on Twitter or the following to get notified!
- ⦁ Picarto for art streams, with #KaieraStreams on Twitter
- ⦁ YouTube for VTuber streams, with #KaieraLIVE on Twitter
⦁ Announcements are also available on the KaieraCafé discord channel!
----------------------------------------------------------Q: Stream music?
**A: ** Two answers-
⦁ For Picarto streams, whatever I'm listening on Spotify
- ⦁ Ones I like are placed on my playlist on Spotify!
- ⦁ Other times it would be locally stored or on YouTube.
⦁ For VTuber streams, resources are placed in the description.----------------------------------------------------------Q: Official accounts?
**A: ** All in the URL!
- Twitter:
- Picarto:
- YouTube:
- Facebook:
⦁ If it does not exist, it should redirect back here
- (I'm not listing them all! Try them out yourself~)

----------------------------------------------------------Q: Why fiaKaiera? (aka "Why can't I call you Fia?")
**A: ** It's a combination of my name (Kaiera) and my multimedia series (Furria).
- The Fia part is actually a short-term for Furria.
Also, call me Kaiera, not Fia.
- (Please take the hint. It's in most of my social media displayed as Kaiera.)
Q: Why not KaieraFia then?
A: "Kaiera Fia" sounds like "Sans Undertale". It's highly cringy and it sounds really stupid to me.

Art Permissions

Last Updated: 30 Oct 2022

All art made by fiaKaiera is always © by fiaKaiera regardless where it is hosted.
It will be CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 by default if it's not specified on the site where the artwork is hosted.

Q: Can I use your art as a profile picture?
A: Specifically...
You can for original characters(OCs) of fiaKaiera.
Not fiaKaiera's representative character, Kaiera.
Not fiaKaiera's other representative characters. (Espeon, Emolga, etc.)
Not characters drawn intended for others. (Commissions and gifts)

Kaiera as depicted

----------------------------------------------------------Q: Can I use fiaKaiera's art for something else?
**A: ** 🛑 STOP! You are not authorized to use my artwork without permission!
If it's a commission, then it's under the permission of the person who recieved it.That goes commercially or non-profit. I will not allow it.
If you need to, talk to me about it if you want permission.
----------------------------------------------------------Q: Can you repost art of fiaKaiera on other sites?
**A: ** With permission. If not, it is considered stolen.
(a.k.a. you are not allowed to repost without permission)
Common courtesy. You're kinda rude if you don't.
Rules for repost:
Credit fiaKaiera
Link back to the original source
Notify fiaKaiera, if you can
Not allowed for repost:
Commissions as it is dependent on the owner of the commission. If they're OK with it, I'm OK with it!
Patron-exclusive content is in no way allowed to be reposted except by fiaKaiera and individuals who fiaKaiera trusts.
Banned sites:
⦁ Any site that does not allow to link back to the original work
⦁ Facebook
⦁ Pinterest


$70 USD

Base Price
Estimated wait time: 2-5 weeks
Commissions are opened through a post announced on Twitter with the #KaieraComms hashtag!
Alternatively, announcements are also available on the KaieraCafé discord channel!

(Provided examples are not always in base price)⦁ +80% for additional characters in a piece ($90 at base price for two characters)
⦁ Price can increase depending on complexity
An outdated price sheet is available here.----------------------------------------------------------Q: Queue?
**A: ** An outdated one.
----------------------------------------------------------Q: Requests? (also known as "Free Art")
A: No. Exposure does not feed me, not be able to keep me online, and not be able to upgrade my equipment to better my craft.

Artistic Advantages

✔ Can Do❔ Can Try❌ Will Not Do
Anthro / KemonoHumans (mostly chibi)NSFW / Fetish Art
Feral CharactersSceneryHate Art / Propaganda
Males & Females (all age)Armor & WeaponsCanon X OC Shipping
Chibi / Alternative StylesMagical FlairPedophilia
Designing from ScratchMusclesRealism

Contact me if you have any questions of what I'd be able to draw!

Terms of Service

Last Updated: 6 Nov 2022

These terms and conditions have been massively simplified for ease of understanding.----------------------------------------------------------🤝 Agreement
⦁ A form of reference is required (images, character reference, detailed description)
⦁ Please be concise. Make sure you have everything prepared
fiaKaiera has the right to decline any offer. Complaints may lead to being blacklisted
⦁ Tell if it's a private commission (the work will not be published)
🎨 Progression
[ Agreement -> Sketch Phase -> Progress Updates -> Final Confirmation -> Send ] *
⦁ Please contact fiaKaiera if agreement is done but have not paid yet⦁ Progress updates may be given throughout the process
- ⦁ You may contact for progress updates
- ⦁ You are free to give feedback, give corrections and changes to the commission during the progress of the commission as long as it is not too late to make major changes
⦁ Sketch phase will have anti-tamper measures
- ⦁ Publishing at sketch phase will be considered a scam, and therefore blacklisted
- ⦁ You can still privately share at any stage with friends
* may not be followed entirely depending on circumstances and/or conditions of the commission

Estimated Wait Time: 2 - 5 weeks📃 Permissions
⦁ ✔️ Personal use
⦁ ⚠ Commercial use (with accreditation)
⦁ ❌ Re-selling as is
⦁ ❌ Removal of signature
⦁ ❌ Use for cryptocurrency-related uses (NFTs, etc)
⦁ ❌ Use for artificial generation of assets (AI generation, etc)
⦁ ✔️ Traded as part of a character trade
(should the represented character be traded)
🖼️ Publishing
⦁ ✔️ Can decline work from being published by fiaKaiera
- ⦁ Credit is always appreciated
Do not remove the signature.
fiaKaiera prefers to publish works on Twitter first before self-publishing. Can be prioritized upon request.
🔖 Post-work (after work is done)
⦁ ✔️ Personal edits
⦁ ⚠ Edits by others (dependent on the owner)

👛 Payment Process
⦁ Required upon reaching Sketch Phase
Base Price: $70 USD
- ⦁ May increase with complexity / details required
⦁ Only via PayPal invoices or Ko-fi
- ⦁ Can pay via card in invoices (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover)
- ⦁ Partial payment is possible until fully paid
⦁ Tips appreciated, not required
✏️ Edits / Changes
⦁ FREE on the first edit
⦁ $5+ USD for each subsequent edit
- ⦁ May increase with complexity / details
💵 Alternative Payment
⦁ Art Trades (art for art)
📺 Commerical Work / Use
⦁ Normal rates do not apply
⦁ Contact fiaKaiera via e-mail.
✋ Refunds
⦁ IF the work has not started
⦁ IF the estimated wait time has passed
⦁ Partial refund if after sketch phase

Terms & Conditions for Invoices

The following clause is present on all PayPal invoices:Invoices given by fiaKaiera have been sent through accepted agreements that the buyer knows what they are requesting and must promise to abide by them.The items being paid are digital files and nothing will be printed or mailed to the buyer. If the buyer is underage and has been given this invoice, they have their parent's consent to purchase these digital files.The invoice paid can be refunded or canceled as long as the commission has not yet started and/or completed.